What Is Causing Your Cat’s Anti-Social Behavior?

Although they are known for being quite aloof, cats are actually social beings but their social skills tend to differ from that of dogs. Anti-social behaviors can be caused by various factors thus the best way to deal with the issue is to find out what is causing your pet to behave this way. On top of the list of potential causes are stress and medical issues.


Cats are such sensitive creatures and will easily react when exposed to environmental stressors. If your cat suddenly starts hiding under the bed or spending time away from the rest of the household, try examining his immediate environment or think about recent events that have happened that may be causing your pet’s anti-social behavior. 

Health Issue

Cats are experts when it comes to concealing signs of illness or pain. It is an instinct naturally possessed by predators. A visit to your Roanoke, VA vet clinic can help identify the problem. Click here to know more.


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