Does Your Pet Hate Bath Time?

For some dogs, bath time is not something to look forward to. They won’t have second thoughts about finding a place to hide when they notice their owners preparing their bath essentials. While giving your pet a bath may be a hassle, it may be necessary when they get really dirty or when they get into something foul-smelling and odorous. One way to deal with the issue is to sweeten the deal with lots of positive reinforcement. Show your dog that you have his favorite treats on hand, and be quick to reinforce even the smallest positive behavior. Just be sure to give bite-sized treats. If you can remove the dirt or clean your pet’s body using a moist towel, then this could be a better idea. You can also use hypoallergenic wet wipes for the purpose. Dogs that have a distinct smell can be suffering from medical conditions that may warrant an immediate appointment with your Salem, VA veterinarian. More details here:


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