Catnip and Your Cat

Catnip is a natural herb with no long-term effects or damage. It can cause your cat to become drool, run around and act crazy. Only about half of all cats reacts to catnip so if you are lucky if your cats responds to it. It may take six months or more for your cat to start reacting to catnip so if she doesn’t respond, try again later. Your cat doesn’t need to eat the catnip since she will experience the effects by sniffing it. Add catnip to toys or blankets that your cat plays with. She will respond to catnip for about twenty minutes before she becomes accustomed to it. Remove it after that time, knowing that you can give it back to her for more fun in about an hour or so. Keep your catnip fresh in a sealed plastic bag when not in use. Learn more from your Tampa, FL veterinary clinic.


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