Training Your Parakeet to Step Up on Your Finger

Training your parakeet to step up on your finger gives you a way to take him out of his cage with ease. This training is also a good bonding exercise. Ensure that your parakeet is comfortable with you. Sit by his enclosure and speak or sing to him softly. Drape your hand inside for your bird to explore and consider hand feeding him. To start training, use a extra perch and press it parallel to your parakeet’s abdomen. Say the UP command as you press harder, so your parakeet steps up on the perch. Practice this often and then start putting your finger on top of the perch. Eventually your bird will step up on your finger alone. Move your parakeet around the enclosure while on your finger and out the cage door. Soon this will become the standard way to take him out. Learn more from your vet clinic Glen Ellyn, IL.


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