Bath Time for Dogs

In cases where you can’t simply take your dog outside and wash him down with the water hose, you may need to give your dog a bath in the bathtub. Here’s how to start, first, introduce your dog to the tub slowly if he’s not had a bath here before. You can do this by placing him in the tub and letting him get back out or taking him back out after a minute or so. Do this a few times each day before you give a bath. On the last day before the bath, turn the water on a little and let your dog explore. On bath day, use warm water but keep it on slow. Soak your dog and apply vet approved shampoo. Work up a lather and then rinse your dog. Make sure you dry him thoroughly with a towel so he doesn’t catch cold. Consult with your Crown Point, IN veterinarian for more tips.


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