Making Cat Diapers Last Longer

If your feline friend is in need of diapers then look for pet diaper options at your local pet store or online pet stores. For females, look for washable diapers that fit similar to baby diapers (except there is a hole in the back for the tail). For males, look for the washable diaper bands which fit around the stomach and cover the private areas. Using washable diapers make them last longer and allows for re-use. To make them last even longer, use liners inside of the diapers. A money saving tip is not to use the pet liners that are sold with the diapers. These are often sold in low quantities (i.e. 10 or 12) for around $4 or $5 and sometimes more. Instead, by feminine panty liners from the store. Long or regular sizes that are thin will work best. These can be bought in large quantities like 40 for $2. Talk to your Portland, OR veterinary clinic for more tips.

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