Leaving Your Dog Outside in the Daytime

Does your dog stay outdoors during the day while you’re at work? If so, make sure you make it a regular routine to check fence lines to ensure your dog has no way to escape or slip out during the day. You may want to invest in a GPS device for your dog’s collar to ensure he’s staying in the yard while you’re not at home. On especially warm days make sure your dog has access to a cool shaded area and plenty of cool, fresh water available. If the temperature is super warm, consider leaving your dog indoors in safe area or even a large crate. You may want to have a pet sitter come in mid day to let your dog out for a potty break and to stretch his legs. If your dog is reckless indoors, create a safe zone for him and include his water and food bowl and bed. For more tips, call your vet clinic Fort Collins, CO.


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