Ways to Prevent Eye Infections in Turtles

Turtles tend to develop a variety of eye issues because of their size. Many turtles have been known to develop eye infections or even swollen eyes throughout their lifetime. You can talk to your vet to find out more about these eye conditions and how to spot them and treat them at home. Your vet can also teach you ways to avoid the infections from happening. In many cases, the eye infection comes from debris getting stuck in the turtle’s eyes. It’s important to keep windows closed around your turtle so things from the atmosphere don’t float in and affect his eyes. It’s also important to keep his tank clean and to check the water often to ensure it s not drying out the e yes. If you notice that your turtle has a swollen eyelid or eye area, please call your vet immediately. For more information on your turtle’s eye health, call your vet clinic Pasadena, MD.


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