Taking Your Dog to the Dog Park

The dog park is a great place for exercise, socialization and bonding. However, you need to be sure the experience is both safe and fun for both you and your dog. Your dog’s basic obedience training needs to be pretty solid before taking your dog to the dog park. You should be able to stop your dog immediately and get him to come to you quickly.He is unlikely to get in trouble if he is sitting by your side. Read the posted park rules and be prepared to follow them. There should be separate areas for large and small dogs.Pick the appropriate area for your dog. Calm your dog down before taking him into the park and taking off the leash. Watch for bullying behavior, unwanted chasing and aggression. Consider that your dog may be the bully and take action. Speak up to the owner of any aggressive dogs so they will leave the park. Contact your Pleasanton, CA vet to learn more.


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