Making Sure Your Cows Have Water Access

Water is so important to daily life for people and animals. As a livestock owner, part of your daily chores most likely includes checking on the water troughs for the cows during the day. Making sure your cows have access to fresh, cool water is especially important in the warmer months. As a general rule of thumb, make it a morning habit to check each water trough to ensure there is fresh, clean water. If it doesn’t look to clean, dump it and re-fill it. If it looks like the cows aren’t drinking it, dump it, clean it and refill it. You can even add powdered electrolytes to encourage your cows to drink more and to help them stay hydrated. Multiple troughs should be available if you have a large herd or a large pasture. Talk to your Mt. Airy, MD vet for more ways to ensure fresh water access for your cows. Read more here.


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