Preparing For Air Travel With Your Dog

Traveling with your dog entails adequate planning and preparation well ahead of time, more so when you are traveling by plane. Here are some tips to help ensure a less stressful trip for you and your pet:

  • Call the airline ahead of time and inquire about their policies regarding pet travel. Be sure to call the airline you are traveling with since there can be different regulations for various airline companies.
  • Know where your dog will be placed inside the aircraft while on flight. There are some airlines that allow a pet to travel in the passenger section with their owners. But there are airlines that require pets to stay in the cargo hold or baggage compartment. 
  • Inquire about the liability policies of the airline. It may be a good idea to get insurance in case of unfortunate incidents. 
  • Prepare your pet’s health and vaccination records.
  • Set up an appointment with your veterinary clinic Green Bay, WI to make sure that your pet dog is cleared for air travel.


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