Heartworms and Your Dog

Your dog can become infested with heartworms if a mosquito that previously bit an infested dog has bitten him. Mosquitoes can transmit heartworm larvae into your dog’s bloodstream. The larvae will develop into adult worms that will clog the blood vessels, lungs and heart. This will cause cardio-vascular and circulatory issues. If untreated, a heartworm infestation will kill your dog. Treatment is possible but it is expensive and may require surgery. And there is no guarantee that treatment will return your dog to his former health. Fortunately, there are preventative medications, available by prescription, that you can give your dog to keep him safe from heartworms. Give your dog this medication all year round since just a few warm days allow mosquitoes to become active and put your dog at risk. Your dog will also need periodic blood tests to ensure that no heartworm larvae have slipped through. Learn more from your vet clinic Ellicott City, MD.


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