Sago Palm Is Toxic To Dogs

Did you know that sago palm (also called cardboard palm, cycad, coontie, or zymia plant) is one of the most dangerous plants for dogs. The plant naturally thrives in tropical and subtropical regions, and is commonly brought indoors for decorative purposes. The toxin that is present in sago palm is called ‘cycasin’, and high concentrations are present in the seeds or nuts. However, the toxic agent is present in all parts of the plant. After ingestion, early signs of toxicity include gastrointestinal problems such as vomiting, diarrhea (could be bloody), loss of appetite, and drooling. With prompt veterinary intervention, the dog will become depressed and lethargic and can suffer from seizures and coma. Liver failure can then occur. Without treatment, cats can die from sago palm poisoning.

Be quick to bring your dog to a pet clinic Cherry Hill, NJ if you notice any signs of toxicity. 


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