Switching Your Horse to a New Grain

Talk to your vet before changing your horse’s grain. Ask for suggestions on what to switch to and how to manage the changeover. For instance, you should not switch you horse to a new grain abruptly. It can cause colic or abdominal pain or even laminitis which is a painful hoof disease. Instead, switch the grain slowly by mixing a little new grain with the old grain. If your horse gets one cup of his older grain twice a day then start giving him three-fourth cup of old grain and one-fourth cup of new grain for a few days. After two days, give half old grain and half new grain for another two days. After this, give one-fourth old grain with three-fourth new grain. Once you do this for two more days, give complete new grain. Notify your veterinary clinic Mt. Airy, MD if your horse appears to be sick or ill from the food change.


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