Why Puppies Bite

Nipping and biting are just two behaviors displayed by puppies that pet owners should take measures to correct. Being social creatures, puppies play with their littermates, and during these times, biting and nipping are quite common. If the biting become too painful or the play becomes too rough, a puppy would give out a yelp to let the other pup know. Puppies that nip and bite should undergo training to stop the behavior. If they are not corrected, they will eventually think that the behavior is acceptable as they become adults. Thus, every time your pup nips or bites, always say “no” with a loud clear voice. Then, get up and leave the room. Your actions will eventually make the puppy realize that his actions will result in immediate loss of interaction and playtime. This technique has been shown to effectively reduce nipping and biting. Consistency is very important in correcting the behavior. All members of the family must be aware how to handle your pup’s behavior to ensure consistency and achieve desired results. 

Sudden changes in your pet’s behavior should warrant an appointment with your animal hospital Washington DC


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