Symptoms of Aspirin Toxicity In Pets

The toxic effects of aspirin can be noticeable within a few hours or even within a few days in some pets. The most common effect of aspirin toxicity is irritation of the stomach. In mild cases, pets may vomit as a result of the irritation; there are those that vomit blood. Severe stomach irritation can cause the formation of stomach ulcers and create holes in the stomach wall where acid from the stomach seeps into the adjacent organs in the abdominal cavity. Aspirin can also affect the number of platelets, which are necessary for blood clotting and prevention of bleeding. Toxicity can cause severe bleeding that may require blood transfusions. Kidney failure can occur when aspirin affects the flow of blood to and from the kidneys. Other symptoms that may be present as a result of aspirin toxicity include abdominal pain, black tarry feces (when blood is present), pale gums associated with anemia due to severe loss of blood, and increased respiratory rate. You should seek immediate medical attention from your veterinarian services Aurora, CO if your pet has consumed aspirin and is manifesting any of the mentioned symptoms. 


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