What Can You Expect On Your Pup’s Second And Third Month Of Life

As your puppy continuous to be more aware of his surroundings, socialization with the human members of the pack should be undertaken as much as possible. Puppies can be weaned and separated from their mother and the rest of the litter when it is around ten weeks of age. If you are bringing home a newly weaned puppy, it is good to bring him to the veterinarian for a health check. Your vet is a good source of valuable tips and important advice on your pet’s worming and vaccination schedules. To cope with his new environment and the stress of being separated from his mother and siblings, your puppy needs utmost care and attention. You should also start house training and setting boundaries for proper behavior. As a puppy develops, he will need an “alpha dog”, the leader of the pack, whom he will look up to for guidance and leadership. Socialization should continue to ensure that your pet will be exposed to different situations, people, events and other animals. At this stage, adequate and proper nutrition is very important to ensure that your puppy receives the nutrients which are necessary to support optimum growth and development. Don’t hesitate to Contact your vet London, ON if you have any concerns and/or questions about your pet’s health, behavior, and nutritional needs. 


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