Why A Visit To The Potty Area With Your Puppy Is A Must Before Bedtime

Puppies that have undergone housetraining can make a fuss when they want to pee or poop at night. Thus, it is a good idea to visit the potty area with your puppy before bedtime. This can help ensure that you and your pup will sleep through the night without being unceremoniously awakened by the call of nature. To develop the habit, you should visit the potty area outdoors with your pup consistently, which means at the same time at night in all types of weather. Actually, this is still a part of your pet’s housetraining. With consistency, your pooch will soon learn to hold it in until the morning. Going outside before bedtime is also a way to burn off your pup’s energy so he will be tired enough to sleep uneventfully through the night. Sudden changes in your pet’s elimination habits should be checked out by your pet clinic Oshawa, ON


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