Can I Give Probiotics To My Dog?

Did you know that probiotics are now being incorporated in many pet food products? Probiotics are made up of beneficial bacteria that are known to promote the health and integrity of the gastrointestinal tract. Here are reasons why you should consider giving probiotics to your canine buddy:

  • Beneficial bacteria help create a healthy digestive tract environment that promotes efficient digestion and metabolism.
  • Certain probiotics are now being given as supportive treatment for certain issues that affect the digestive system. One common example is the shorter duration of acute diarrhea in dogs taking probiotics. 
  • Probiotics that contain live bacteria boost the microbial population in the stomach, which in turn boost digestive function and efficiency. 
  • Probiotics are often given to dogs that are taking oral antibiotics. The normal bacterial flora in the gut can be killed with antibiotics. Giving probiotics can help repopulate the beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract. 

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