Do You Have A Well-Behaved Puppy?

A well-behaved puppy is a produce of proper training. The commitment and dedication of pet owners when it comes to their pet’s well-being is an important key to having a well-mannered pet. Here are some tips to help make your pup a well-behaved member of the pack:

l Dogs instinctively form a social hierarchy and knowing their rightful place is very important to their self-confidence. There should also be a strong and dominant alpha leader (and that is you!) who occupies that topmost rung of the social ladder. If you are consistent in your role as the leader, your pet can easily be trained and be well-behaved. You should also be conscious about constantly reminding your pet who is boss. One way to do this is to eat first before feeding your pet; In the wild, the dominant dog always eat first. 

l A dog’s daily routine should be followed consistently to avoid causing any stress. Mealtimes, playtime, potty visits, leash walks, etc. should be scheduled at specific hours of the day. 

There are various resources where you can learn more about your dog’s behavior and a visit to vet clinic Kalamazoo, MI can be a good start. 


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