Are You Allergic To Cats? – Ways To Minimize Allergens

Many experts recommend that people who are allergic to cats should spend some time with the cat that they want to see if they will react to the cat’s presence. Take note that even the so-called hypoallergenic cats still produce the allergen although in smaller quantities compared to most cats. In addition to selecting a cat that qualifies as a hypoallergenic breed, there are simple ways to reduce the amount of cat allergens in your household.

· Bath and groom cats at least 2-3 times a week – This has been shown to reduce allergens by up to 85% and lessen the cat’s allergen production. 

· Have another person who is not allergic to cats do the bathing and grooming to minimize your exposure to allergens.

· Wash your cat’s toys, beddings, and other things at least once a week

· Vacuum regularly using one with a hepa-filter to remove allergens around the home. 

Your cat will benefit from regular health and dental visits at your vets Tipp City, OH.


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