Tips To Help Get Rid Of Fleas

Interrupting the lifecycle of fleas is one of the proven ways to get rid of flea populations. And one way to do this is to subject every nook and cranny of your home to a thorough cleaning. Vacuuming these areas gets rid of flea eggs,pupae, and larvae which are the main sources of re-infestation after adult fleas have been eliminated.  Eliminating these immature stages of fleas prevent them from developing and maturing and eventually reproducing. Regular vacuuming of rooms where your pet spends a lot of time in is especially important. Pet bedding should be given a weekly wash using hot soapy water. Drying on maximum heat can effectively kill all the lifestages of fleas. When removing your pet’s bedclothes, be sure to roll it off carefully to keep flea eggs from rolling off to the floor until the sheet is inside the tub of the washing machine. Ask a Plano, TX veterinarian for an effective flea product that can be safely applied to your pet. Or click here to know more.


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