Schiff-Sherrington Syndrome in Cats

Are you familiar with the illness known as Schiff-Sherrington? It’s an illness that develops in cats and in particular around the spinal cord. It can happen in dogs as well. Schiff-Sherrington Syndrome basically refers to the position of a cat due to “T2-L4” spinal cord injuries. The injury can cause posture issues extending from the hind quarters starting at the pelvis and going down through the backend. It can occur in cats of various breeds, sex and age. It often develops as the result of a lesion on the lower back which can cause the severing of the spinal cord. This affects the posturing of the upper limbs and also causes the hind limbs to develop paralysis or muscle loss. The result if immobility and extreme pain. Always talk to your Brampton, ON vet if your cat has mobility issues. The issues may be severe or something treatable. Your vet will need to examine your cat to make a diagnosis.


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