Where Your Pet Turtle Should Live

Turtles can make great pets as long as they are allowed in your particular area and you know ahead of time how to be careful of the bacteria that turtles carry. Washing your hands after handling a turtle and keeping small children from handling a turtle are key. Another important part of turtle owning is knowing what type of habitat they should live in. Most pet store associates and vets recommend starting your turtle out in at least a 40 gallon tank. The tank should have a lid that has holes or air passages in it. If you do not use a lid, make sure other pets cannot get in and your turtle cannot get out. Decorate the tank with accessories. Create dry land areas and water areas. Turtles like to swim and climb on rocks. They also like to sun bathe on rocks. Add greenery as well. For more tips, give your Matthews, NC vet a call.


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