Feeding Kittens

Did you know that the calorie and nutritional needs of kittens are 2-3 times more than that of mature cats? While a mother cat’s milk can provide all the nutritional needs of newborn kittens, pet owners will soon fill in that role after the kittens have been weaned and brought to their forever homes. Since many cats are lactose intolerant, it is not a good idea to given them cow’s milk because they may end up with digestive upsets. Weaning is an important process and the transition must be smooth as possible. Complete and successful weaning is usually achieved when kittens are 8-10 years of age. By this time, they are able to eat dry food or kibble. Kittens should be given a lifestage-appropriate premium pet food to ensure that all their needs for specific nutrients and calories are met adequately every day. Your Plano, TX veterinarian is an important source of information about your pet’s specific nutritional needs.

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