Alaskan Malamutes and the Heat

Big dogs can be intimidating but they can also be super sweet. For example, the Alaskan Malamute is a larger breed dog and a great dog for the family. You should keep an eye out for them with small children just because of size. If you want to bring a Malamute into your family, here a few other characteristics to take into account. The main one is the Malamute needs constant training because he can be a little stubborn and likes to be independent. Also, he needs plenty of exercise and room to roam. The more active your family is the better. What you want to watch out for especially, however, is the weather. They don’t well in warm climates because of their double coats. You should exercise him outdoors in shaded areas and keep the A/C on inside. Talk to your Orangevale, CA vet for more tips.


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