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Treating Degenerative Myelopathy in Dogs like the Coonhound

Degenerative Myelopathy of DM is an incurable disease the affects the nerves and spinal cord. It causes a tingling or numbness in the legs and eventual loss of mobility. The disease typically appears first in a dog’s hind quarters. The disease can only be diagnosed by a professional vet. There is no cure, but there are several treatments that can help improve a dog’s quality of life. For dogs like the Coonhound and other breeds, some vets have found the physiotherapy can help strengthen the legs and give a dog with DM a longer period of mobility. Most vets recommend meticulous and intense muscular supportive care as well. An example would be exercises or physical therapies that will strengthen the muscles and delay deterioration. Range of motion exercises are believed to be very helpful as is water therapy. For more suggestions, consult with your Folsom, CA veterinary clinic team.


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