Meowing In Cats

If you are a very keen observer, you may notice that there are several variations to the meowing sounds of cats. In fact, experts have identified at least 19 variations of meowing. Cats are also capable of making more than 30 different types of sounds. Some important reasons cats vocalize include:


Cats that are in pain may meow excessively. Thus it is a good idea to have your pet checked out by your vet ASAP.

Hunger or thirst

Cats that are hungry or thirsty may meow persistently to seek their owner’s attention. This is one type of meowing sound that many cat parents are familiar with.


Cats meow to greet their humans as they get home. You may have also noticed your cat meowing when you meet each other while inside your home. 

Persistent meowing should warrant an appointment with your pet clinic Shawnee, KS.


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