How to Give your Dog a Pill

Pills are not the easiest things to give your dog especially if your dog knows it’s a pill. Sure, you can stick them down your dog’s throat but you rather have them eat them on their own. Sad thing is, they may spit the pills out. You can try hiding the pill in a treat or pill pocket. You can also roll it up in cheese or cover it with peanut butter. This works for some dogs. However, if your dog still spits the pill out then you may have to try and alternative. Speak with your vets Savannah, GA and ask for assistance on giving your dog a pill. Have your vet show you how to place the pill in the back of your dog’s mouth on the tongue. Close the mouth and hold it waiting for your dog to swallow. You may want to blow gently on your dog’s face to encourage him to swallow. 


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