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Does My Cat Need Sunscreen?

Whether your cat needs sunscreen or not will depend a lot on your cat’s outside activities and the breed of cat. Some cats are covered with so much fur that their skin isn’t exposed at all. Sunscreen is not needed. For instance, the Maine Coon is especially furry. Other cats, however, may not have a lot of hair and will need some kind of protective gear or sunscreen for their skin. For instance, the Sphynx is often called the hairless cat because he has so little hair or fur. He may need to wear a protective shirt when outdoors for long periods of time. Sunscreen may also be an option, but don’t apply people sunscreen as this could hurt your cat. Instead, talk with your Thorold, ON vet about a cat friendly sunscreen. Most cats will need some kind of protective sunscreen on their ears and bellies which are the least covered by fur.


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