Do Cats Need a Dental Exam?

Like people, animals need to have their teeth looked at, cleaned, or even filed down on occasion. This goes for cats too. A general rule of thumb is to have your cat’s teeth checked at the yearly exam with the vet. If you notice your cat having difficulty chewing or if she appears to be in pain in the mouth area then you should set up an appointment with your vet right away. Swollen gums or inflammation in the mouth can also signal something is up with the teeth or gums and should be reported to the vet. If your cat needs an actual dental exam (as in more than your vet looking in her mouth) then your cat may need to be sedated. This will give the vet the opportunity to check the teeth and gums for plaque and bacteria. Your best vets Savannah, GA may also scrape/clean the teeth or even pull infected teeth at this time. 


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