Raising a Goose

If you have a goose living on your farm chances are you have experienced quite a few adventures with your gander. A goose can be a fun farm pet to have as long as he’s been trained and shown love and gentle care from a young age. Geese that have grown up without much human interaction can often turn into mean farm creatures that strike out at anything or anyone that crosses its path. If you want to raise a goose or have one on your farm as a pet, start young and try to find a pair so they will have company. Feed them geese feed from your local grain store. Provide them with plenty of water as they need to drink in order to wash their food down. Make sure they have a place to sleep at night inside and away from predators. Provide them with a pool for swimming and bathing. For more tips, call your Mt. Airy, MD vet.


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