Preventing Your Dog from Begging for Food

It is annoying when your dog begs for food whenever you are eating. However, your dog begs because it works. He begs and you give him food. Thus the easiest way to stop your dog from begging for food is to stop giving him food when he begs. Ensure that your family members and guests follow this rule too. Insist that your dog sit or lie down while you are eating so he is calm and below the table level. You might have to move your dog to the other side of the room or another area in your home to manage whining at first. Consider giving your dog food in his own bowl while you are eating so he gets to eat without having to beg. Never punish or yell at your dog while he is learning. Soon he will get the message that begging is not allowed. For more information, talk with your vets Metairie, LA.


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