Microchipping Your Horse

Did you know that you can microchip our horse with an ID microchip in a similar way that cats and dogs are microchipped? A horse can be microchipped with a small grain size microchip that is equipped with a unique ID number. A local anesthesia is applied to the horse and an electronic chip is inserted with a needle in the horse’s nuchal ligament (this is just below the mane) right at the halfway point between the horse’s poll and his withers. Like cat and dog microchip, the horse’s microchip can be read with a scanner. The average cost is around $20 and the procedure causes little more than a needle prick in relation to pain. The chip can be registered with agencies like The Equine Protection Registry. The ID helps protect your horse and make him identifiable should he get lost or stolen. Talk to your vet Mt. Airy, MD if you’d like to have your horse microchipped.


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