Sunscreen for Cats

Did you know that there are sunscreens made especially for cats to use? Cats can get sunburn as easily as some people and some dogs. When the weather turns warmer and the days are longer, watch out for those scorching hot sun rays. If your cat is outdoors make sure she has access to shade. If possible, keep your cat indoors on the super hot and sunny days. You can also talk to your vet about cat friendly sunscreens that can help prevent sunburn. Breeds like the Siamese are especially prone to sunburn. Ask your vet about a sunscreen that is safe for cats. Look for waterproof, quick drying, and non greasy sprays or lotions. Make sure the protection is at least 30 to 40 SPF or similar to this scale. Read the label carefully to ensure it is safe for animals. For more tips and information, give your Dunn, NC vet a call.


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