Overheating in Dogs

Dogs can get overheated a lot like people especially in the warmer months. It’s important to learn the signs of overheating and recognize them early in your pup so you can provide aid. Knowing how to prevent overheating is key. You can do this by ensuring your dog has plenty of access to shade and water when outside. Don’t leave your dog outside on super hot days. Plan ahead and board him or keep him indoors. For dogs that stay indoors, make sure your A/C is working or fans are going to keep air circulated and to keep your pup comfortable. Signs of overheating or heatstroke include speeding heart rate, excessive panting (light panting is a natural way for dog’s to cool themselves), salivating, bright red tongue, pale gums, weakness, vomiting, lethargy. Call your Dunn, NC veterinarian right away if you see these signs in your pup.


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