The American Staffordshire Terrier

In the market for a family dog that also likes to be on the go outdoors? Check out the American Staffordshire Terrier. This breed is known for its athleticism and its loyalty. In fact, this breed does well with people of and older children. They can be trained to do well with small children but should always be supervised. They make excellent guard dogs and protectors. At the same time, the breed is highly intelligent and athletic. They love to compete in areas of agility as well as tracking. The dog is known to be loyal, smart, full of energy and spunk, playful and affectionate. Often referred to as the Amstaff, this breed is eager to please which makes training especially on the easier side. In addition, this dog loves to be outdoors and on the go making him the perfect family dog for the active family. If you want to learn more about the Amstaff, call your Dunn, NC veterinary clinic.


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