How to Treat FeLV in Cats

What is FeLV? It is the Feline Leukemia Virus. It is a severe illness that currently has no cure. It can come in the form of lymphoma and cause a weakened immune system in cats. Cats that live outdoors are more susceptible to the disease as their chances of running into a cat with FeLV are increased greatly. FeLV positive cats should be kept indoors and avoid contact with other animals in order to prevent exposure to germs and illnesses. The FeLV virus cannot be passed to people or other animals. It is highly contagious for other cats and can be passed through saliva, blood, and possibly other bodily fluids. Treatment of illnesses caused by FeLV should be given first. Some forms of FeLV will cause cancer and will require treatment in the form of chemotherapy. There is no cure for the illness. Your Dunn, NC vet can tell you most treatments are meant to keep the cat comfortable. Click here.


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