Can I Wash My Cat with People Shampoo ?

In most cases you should not bathe your cat and it’s not because cats can’t stand water. Contrary to popular belief, cats love water. There are some that enjoy going on boat rides or for swims. Baths are not a good idea because a cat doesn’t really need them. Cats are excellent self groomers. If you own a cat you’ve probably noticed how much time your cat spends grooming. You may have also noticed how she licks her paws and fur and sort of combs it down. Licking the fur or the paw and then using the paw as a comb helps spread natural oils in the fur and skin. This is needed to protect the cat’s fur and skin in all kinds of environments. If you wash your cat with people shampoo then you could strip the oils away. Ask your Oakville, ON veterinarian instead for a cat friendly shampoo and only use when necessary. Visit their profile to know more.


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