Cleaning Doggy Dirt Stains on the Hard Surface Floor

Does your dog constantly track dirt into the kitchen and other areas of the home with hard surfaced flooring? We don’t always have time to sweep or vacuum or even use the mini handheld vacuum every time the dog brings in dirt. What you can do is try and wipe your dogs feet with a pet bath wipe before he comes in. You can also place a couple of washable rugs at the doorway to help catch most of the dirt. After that you will need to sweep or vacuum. Some owners have found that a robotic vacuum left to run on its own does very well at keeping the dirt and dog hair off the floor. If you don’t have one of those, sweeping daily or every other day will be key. Mopping with a cleaner safe for your floor and approved by your Oakville, ON vet will be needed at least once a week. Read more for additional information.


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