Can I Put Liquid Band-Aid on my Guinea Pig?

Liquid band-aid or spray on band-aids are generally safe for dogs, cats and other pets. However, you should call your vet before using it on a small pocket pet such as your guinea pig. If you get the OK, then you can use a regular over the counter liquid or spray band-aid. Apply it to the small cut or scrape on your guinea pig and allow it to dry. Note that it may sting so may need to blow a little on the cut to cool the burning sensation. After it dries, you may find that another layer needs to be applied. Remember to only cover the cut or scrape. Also make sure it’s in an area where guinea pig can’t reach as he may try to lick it off. If you’re in doubt even after talking to your Burlington, ON veterinarian then you may just want to take your guinea pig in for a quick checkup. Schedule an appointment today!


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