What You Should Know About Hamsters

Before picking a hamster for your perfect pocket pet, make sure you read up on this interesting little creature and learn what you have to look forward to when you do bring one home. For instance, hamsters are nocturnal so they are going to up and playing and eating all night. Make sure you plan to keep the cage in a room other than a bedroom or they may keep you up. Hamster is from a German word ‘hamastra’ which means hoarder because these little guys like to store extra snacks in pouches in the corners of their cheeks. They can actually store about half their body weight in food. The hamster originally developed in the 1800s in the Syrian Desert. They weren’t domesticated or used as pets until around 1930, which is when they also showed up in the U.S. and parts of Canada. For more facts, give your veterinary clinic Burlington, ON a call.


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