Looking for a New Puppy

If you’re looking to bring a puppy into your home, contact our local vet to find out about area breeders or reputable pet stores and shelters where you can look for a puppy. Contact shelters and humane societies first. They often have puppies in immediate need of placement. Adoption fees tend to be lower than purchasing prices. Puppies may come having already received vaccinations, a neuter or spay, and first wellness exams. If your searching for a particular breed, check with reputable breeders. Visit the puppy ahead of time and explore the environment where he was born and raised. It should be a clean environment free of major smells (i.e. excessive urine smells). The puppy himself should be healthy with clean and clear eyes and nose. Fur should be free of tangles, groomed, and free of bald patches. If possible, have your veterinary clinic San Antonio, TX check the puppy as well.


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