Protecting Your Dog From Ticks

With the warm weather upon us, ticks become more active. If a tick bites your dog, he will be itchy but it may also get infected if scratched. More significantly, ticks can transmit dangerous or deadly diseases to your dog through its bite. Thus it is essential that you protect your dog from ticks. Keep your yard trimmed since shrubs and grasses are welcoming environments for ticks. Inspect your dog for ticks after walking in fields, the woods or other tick-friendly places. Safeguard your dog by using tick prevention medication monthly. For best protection, use this medication all year round since just a few warm days cause ticks to become active and dangerous. Remove any ticks you discover latched on to your dog completely and thoroughly clean the wound. Blood tests may be advisable to determine whether the tick transmitted a disease such as Lyme disease to your dog. Contact your vet Bolingbrook, IL to learn more.


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