Adoption Centers for Cats

Did you know that there are several different kinds of adoption centers for cats? There are the basic adoption centers like the SPCA and human societies that provide adoption programs to help match cats in need with loving homes. Some veterinarian offices have adoption programs for stray cats that come into the office. These programs often help  match cats and owners and include low rate package fees to adopters to help cover first sets of shots and a spay or neuter surgery. In additional to the normal shelters and veterinarian offices, many national pet store chains also have adoption centers where cats are available to adopt. The stores usually open their adoption program up to area shelters, but they also feature cats that have been surrendered to the store or are seeking to be re-homed. There are many different options for adopting a cat, click here, or please consult with your Rochester, NY vet to find the right place to start.


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