What to Do If Your Cat Gets Out

If your cat accidentally gets out of the house, immediately start looking for your cat in the area where you last saw her. Put out a litter box on your front porch or sidewalk. Do not put a litter box out in the yard as it may attract other animals. Keep the litter box close to your doors where the cat would go in and out or in the garage to attract the cat. Notify neighbors and post a picture and information on social media pages for your community. As time goes by, expand your search to include notifying local veterinarians, animal control, shelters, and police. Post flyers with your cat’s photo and contact information. Note whether your cat has tags, is microchipped, and is up to date on vaccines. Place flyers within a 2 to 5 mile radius as your cat may travel if she’s on the hunt. For more tips, work with your veterinary clinic Rochester, NY.


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