Do Cats Need Electrolytes?

Have you ever drank a beverage with electrolytes? These are commonly found in sports drinks and sports waters. Electrolytes are the positive or negative charged ions that circulate in the blood and bodily fluids of people and animals including cats. Providing your cat with electrolytes may be necessary if your cat has been sick. Electrolytes can be lost through vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, kidney disease, etc. Some illnesses can also cause electrolyte levels to spike. Symptoms of a change in electrolytes can often include changes in breathing patterns, heart rate, muscle weakness, anxiety, depression, and sometimes lethargy. Your cat will need to be seen by your vet to determine the exact cause of symptoms. In many cases it is the electrolytes level which can be leveled through IV fluids. Treatment will depend on your cat’s electrolyte levels and particular illness. Consult with your Webster, NY veterinary clinic for more information.

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