Defensive Aggression In Pet Reptiles

Displays of aggressive behavior differ between species of reptiles. Some have stronger aggressive tendencies than others. Owners of pet reptiles should always remember that even if they raised the reptile from when it was still very young, domestication does little to nip the reptiles ‘wild’ habits.  Like other wild animals, reptiles react by instinct. They have a very strong sense of self-preservation, a trait that will help them survive the harsh conditions of the wild where survival depends on instincts. If your pet reptile is prone to displays of aggressive behavior, you should not take it personally. The best way to deal with the problem is to find out and understand what provoked the behavior so you can deal with it in an appropriate manner. Aggressive behavior in reptiles may be triggered by a perceived threat or by their strong territorial instincts. 

Sudden changes in your pet’s health and/or behavior should be brought to the attention of your Covington, GA vet. Schedule an appointment today!


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