What Causes Inappropriate Maternal Behavior In Cats

Inappropriate maternal behavior in cats can be manifested in various forms. It may involve a lack or an excessive display of mothering behavior, which can possibly have a negative effect on the health of kittens. It could also lead to behavior problems that pet owners have to deal with. There are mother cats that abandon their kittens shortly after giving birth to them, a behavior that is quite common in mother cats that have undergone C-section. Some mother cats may not allow her kittens to nurse, unable to keep her kittens clean, or is unable to stimulate stimulation. There are also those that are prone to displays of aggressive behavior. The aggression may be directed at her kittens and may be triggered when the mother cat is startled by the presence of humans or other pets. There are also mother cats that attack or kill her newborn kittens. And there are those that ‘mother’ inanimate objects or attempt to nurse the offspring of another cat. The underlying cause of these undesirable behaviors is hormonal imbalance, specifically a lack of oxytocin or excessive amounts of progesterone. 

Sudden changes in your pet’s behavior should be brought to the attention of your Conyers, GA veterinarian. Visit this link to know more:


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