What are Free Ranging Chickens?

Contrary to popular belief, free ranging chickens are not necessarily chickens that are just turned loose to fend for themselves over some vast expanse of pastureland. Free range chickens can also include chickens raised in a coop that are given time out of the coop to range and search for food around the yard. Free range chickens can also include chickens that spend all of their time in a large sized coop. Caged or non free range chickens are pretty much chickens kept in a small cage or enclose with no access to the outside world at all. If you’re looking for fresh, free range eggs then you will most likely find them from your neighbors or friends with backyard chickens. Even large facilities that allow their chickens time outdoors and then lock them up at night are considered free range. Your Westminster, MD vet can tell you that leaving chickens out all the time makes them easy prey. 


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